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SkillsPass NL’s online training programs are designed to help owners and managers, employees, and job seekers develop the necessary skills to succeed in today’s workforce

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SkillsPass NL gives business owners, managers, employees and job seekers free, accessible online training sponsored by the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador. Don’t get left behind, get ahead and stay ahead with SkillsPass NL.
Owners and Managers

Owners and Managers

SkillsPass NL gives you free access to a library of up-to-date, industry specific, online training courses. What’s more, you can track and manage employee training, ensuring your staff are well equipped to help your business succeed. 



Being successful in today’s competitive workforce requires up-to-date knowledge and skills training. Upgrade your skills from the comfort of your own home with free high-quality courses designed for you. Get ahead and stay ahead with SkillsPass NL.

Job Seekers

Today’s job market is a competitive place, where things change fast and keeping your skills fresh is essential. Prepare yourself for success with SkillsPass NL and learn what matters to you, at your own pace. Stand out from the crowd with SkillsPass NL.

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